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When Laurie Toby Edison speaks and writes about your work

The Introductory Speaker at opening of Bodyscapes exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest (through Google Meetings) on 1st of July, 2021 was Laurie Toby Edison, an internationally exhibited American artist, photographer, and visual activist. If these few words I used to described her were taken from her wikipedia page, I need to complete her portrait with another few words inspired by the feeling the meeting with her produced on me - breathtaking, wonder, passing through a bridge of time, challenges and discoveries, meditating on how could humans find each other despite time and places and about the purposes of those meetings.

I will paraphrase the posts after her own blog , Laurie said: "Anelyn Radulescu’s 2 honorable mention photos are: first, You Can Not See Them, where a nude is partly covered and surrounded by what appear to be family photos; in the second, I Was Here, the nude has departed, and only the scattered pictures remain. It’s an excellent example of work whose meaning will be reflected through the individual viewer. Personally, I see a woman leaving her family behind." That's all about. When we perceive an image, we project our own inner world. We cannot make a separation between the eyes and our own "demons". Or "angels." And magic happens when this image connects both demons and angels. Answers and questions. Known and unknown. That's all about. How relieved we are when we realize that the image we were looking for without knowing it is in front of our own eyes. Those on the outside and those on the inside.

One of my favourite photos from Toby's last project, Pandemic Shadows, is here. And I know so well why I chose this photo. Which one is yours?


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