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Anelyn Rădulescu works and lives in Bucharest. As a visual artist, she wants to find the connection between our inner world and the world of images. And how that helps us to improve our wellbeing.

Photo can be said it's a form of analytical art. By choosing a certain area, a certain frame of a certain part of the world towards which we aim, we will determine the photograph that we want to bring to the surface, in sight. Of course I could pick up the camera more, rotate, lean, change the angle to another part of the world, and I am hiding a completely different image in the light. Another probability.

Used in engineering, the term analytical photography designates a photograph taken to determine the occurrence or non-occurrence of a phenomenon.

The phenomenon to be surprised by photography, on the analyst's platform, is the phenomenon of the emotion that is caused consciously or unconsciously by a work of photographic art.

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