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About my projects as they are presented

Hide and seek project - is a short movie about the photographs and the image of my father - I have started from my personal experience of my difficult relationship with my father, due to his childhood and education - that conclusion I reached working at the conception of that movie.

As a reconciliation with my father, I have put in scene and constructed ONE photograph only which meant for me the final dialogue with him, that dialogue couldn't take place in real life due to his death.

If before, without representation of that movie I felt that answers, making, seeing, conceptualizing, presenting to the others that movie, made me understand totally, completely that my feeling was good.

I used the photography to put order in my ideas, and to prove them, as a proof of my suspicious, of my belief. As a result, as an outcome from inside me, which needed to see the light.

Was very clear to me and also for the audience of my movie that sometime when you are stuck in an emotional issue the photography is the key.

Being an artwork - I made an exercise placing myself as the model of painter Santiago Carbonell and through the power of his paintings and my self-portraits I transformed myself into my own work of art. Anyone can find a moment to live as an artwork. A manifest for beauty, ageless and power of art.

Monday - I imagined a world of my photographs. As they appeared in my life. How they built my life. How they built myself. As they became the skin that covered me, without which I could not live. Monday is the day I was born. And that day all the photographic story begun.

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